Hnos. Berbel Oller SL, Albox, Almeria



Campaign 1
Pre ITV Checks

Forget about the problems of passing your vehicle through the ITV test.

We offer a FREE pre ITV check, and if you want we can take your vehicle to get your ITV certificate (30€ plus ITV certificate charges)

In your vehicle maintenance service we currently offer 15% discount on filters and 20% discount on oils.

In general repairs we are offering 10% discount on parts.

Offers are valid from 1-10-2009 until 30-3-2010 

Campaign 2
Montero Break Pads offer

Price for supply and fitting (IVA taxes are included):

Front 91€

Rear 91€

These are original pieces with Mitsubishi guarantees 

Campaign 3
Distribution Belt

Montero Sport, 
L200 K74, 
Montero 2.5 V24,
Montero Sahel

Belt price 490€ (includes IVA)

Includes: Belts (2), tensors (2) Belt exteriors (2) Antifreeze and labour charges.

These are original pieces with Mitsubishi guarantees